Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Boogie The Bridge 2010

The 2010 boogie the bridge was this past weekend, May 2. The Boogie is a local fun run/race that takes place every year in the spring to raise money for local charities. At the 11 hour a friend of mine asked me to do it, and I thought what the hell for $35 I could punish myself for charity. I used to play a lot of soccer back in the day but for the last 7 years the most 'running' i have done is 10 mins to warm up at the gym. I would however consider myself in decent shape as I ride a lot of cross-country and road. I asked a few people what a decent time would be for someone who doesn't train for runs and the general consensus was that if I could do it under an hour that would be pretty good. Now being the competitive guy that I am I figured I would try and run it in 50 mins. Well I ran a 45:35! Not to fucking bad for someone who doesn't train for runs. Out of about 550 people I came 29th. I couldn't believe it. I even impressed myself, which is rare. ha ha. There is the Terry Fox run in October and I think I might start training for it, see if I could run 10km in under 40, maybe even 38. We'll see. I wish I had a photo. Maybe next time.

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