Friday, May 14, 2010

Unicorn 5000 and 1.

Mother's day also marked the second annual Unicorn 5000 race, hence the name Unicorn 5001. The race is put on by the fine people at the Bicycle Cafe and is held on Harper Mtn. They cap the race at 100 riders and is super grassroots, which is rad because it allows people who might not race a chance to try it out in a super fun atmosphere. However this doesn't stop a lot of out of towners from coming out which make the race slightly competitive. The race course doesn't have a ton of elevation but is a hell of a lot of fun. Good flow at the top, GNARLY pedally section in the middle and kinda steep and fast towards the end; a good solid grassroots course that keep it fun for everyone. My mom took me for a few laps on Friday afternoon as I figured the trail would be less busy and I could just pin laps top to bottom. I was lucky enough to get four laps in but unfortunate enough to run into a tree on my second lap at extremely high speed. Bike was fine - right hand and shoulder where in a fair amount of pain. I could hardly pour booze at work that night. Almost went to get x-rays on Saturday morning but I could move everything so I figured if I could avoid the hospital I would. Saturday, I took it easy and did some gardening with mommy as I would be unable to help her on Sunday. After another night shift Saturday my roommate and I headed up to Harper rather late but still managed to get our one mandatory pre-run in. I put together a rather smooth run a hit all my lines and was hoping for a sub-five minute race time, as on Friday I did a 5:13 that was pretty flat out but I knew I had more in the gas tank for the long pedally part in the middle. . . 5:06. Nothing to complain about, it put me in first place where I stayed for the rest of the day. My last years teammates Nick Quinn and Jeff Bryson rounded out the podium with a 5:09 and a 5:14 respectively. This race is more for training, confidence and bragging rights then results, but I'm still super happy to walk away with this win, especially over my old teammates. Overall I think everyone had a lot of fun and a huge thanks has to go out to the cafe, the volunteers and all the sponsors. This is a super fun, relaxed event that I think everyone should make it out for at least once.

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