Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cactus Classic BMX National

Another reason why my blogs get a little bit delayed is because I am waiting on or trying to find pictures to accompany my words, because lets face it no one likes to read blogs with out some visuals. Again I need to apologize for the lateness of this blog but it was because I was waiting on some photos(I will explain later). June 12-13 marked the Kamloops stop of the National BMX circuit and it just so happened that there was no conflicting mountain bike races; it also just so happens that I have a BMX bike that I use for my downhill training. I have minimal experience racing BMX, but I have manage to make it to a few of the Thursday night club races that the local track puts on every week. As this was my first 'major league' BMX race that I would enter I signed up for intermediate men 19-27. In BMX racing the goal, obviously, is to make it to the main, and in order to make the main you need to be 'transfered' by placing high in one of your heat races or 'motos'. Also BMX racing happens in Saturday and Sunday, not just Sunday like in downhill. As the race was in town I didn't take anytime off work because I know the track quite well, just my gates are a little weak but I'm not going to be able to fix that overnight. In Saturdays race, for my category there was a 2/3 transfer which means you need to place top two in the first moto or top three in the second moto to make it to the main. In the first moto I came third, which sucked, but my friend told me that the rest of the riders where way back so i should have no problem placing top three in the next moto. . . if only racing was that easy. Leading the pack going into the first turn, no one around me, I crashed!!!! UNreal, didn't make the main. Sunday, I was hella tired from work but still stoked to be racing. There was one less guy in my category so the transfer was 2/2. First moto was good, right up there with the fast boys and I managed to make a move and pass on the last turn for second place. Down the last strait I snapped my chain. FUCK!!! Got a new chain and kept it upright in my second moto won quite handely. My first main, third place. All weekend I felt I had the speed that was needed to win, however, I realized quite quickly how important the gate it. Every moto I was beaten strait outta the gate and no matter how well you can ride the track it is extremely tuff to make up that kinda time. Sick weekend of racing though, new experience, I loved it, you can count on me being at a few more BMX races in the future. As for the photo delay, the girlfriend came out on BOTH days to take photos. However, I was a little unsure of her photo skills and obviously felt kinda obligated to use one of them for this blog. She was busy finishing up some classes at the school so I didn't end up seeing the photos until yesterday, and to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the majority of them turned out. I never should have questioned her abilities, after all she is dating me. ha ha ha j/k. So a huge thanks has to go out to her for her support. unreal.

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